Hi Robooter X, You're so different!

Robooter won the iF Design Award 2022

Amazing electric wheelchair

The design of Robooter-X includes innovation in the direction of industrial design and innovation in the direction of CMF, which gives the product a more stylish appearance, a better portable folding solution and better user experience. 

Automotive grade overall frame strong & durable
Accurately tuned acceleration curve
Durable Battery guarantees the travel

Safe and stable

Selfweight low gravity stabilization system

The upper structure of Robooter-x adopts lightweight design, 80% of the weight of the whole car is arranged below the 8 inches plane, and there is no rollover on a 15 degree slope.

Independent suspension system

The front wheels have two sets of suspension spring with strong torsion, buffering the impact from rough roads and steps to make the users drive stably and feel confortable.


    Enlarged and flexible joystick can be held in full direction, equipped with novice mode and novice mode function, fully considering the control friendliness of the user.

    The omni wheel is composed of multiple small tires, which can rotate back and forth as a whole, and each small wheel can independently rotate laterally. This is a revolutionary breakthrough! Compared with traditional products, Robooter can be used flexibly in small rooms. At the same time, this technology has a strong ability to overcome obstacles and can drive freely in all road conditions.
  • Fancy Folding Structure

    Vehicle intelligent folding system. The industry’s original traction folding system “Convenient, Fast and Safe”. We make the folding process a visual enjoyment.

Experience the freedom and independence Reboot your life!

Wheelchairs use to be ugly and hard to use. When the electric wheelchairs came around, they were cumbersome and unresponsive. Robooter changed that game, Robooter has always followed the concept of humanistic care and ergonomics. The Robooter series enjoys a Scandinavian style which is simple and atmospheric.  With the foldable design and our limit-breaking lithium-ion battery technology, Robooter chairs can go on a plane or cruises to be with you for any destination in the world.Our customers will always have their mobility freedom on demand.

How did we get our start?

Established in 2016, Robooter is run by a team of young and talented people with a wealth of experience and a scientific management system. Robooter focuses on designing and manufacturing premium folding electric wheelchairs that are lightweight, foldable, and easy to operate.

What makes our products unique? 

We create our products as works of art by our design and engineering team. Not only are they powerful, but they also look beautiful. Robooter won the IF Design Award and CEID Award with an integrated team of engineers and designers who have poured their heart into research and testing, from the creative blueprint to structural design to production.

Why do we love what we do?

Our focus remains on innovation and quality. We continue to research new technologies in mobility and scooters. We have completed several quality assurance certifications including CE and FDA in Europe and the United States. We love Engineering and beautiful design. Seeing our creation bring freedom and happiness to our customers is enough to keep us going and continue to do our best to take care of our customers and create even better products